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Real Estate



The Real Estate industry places Agents in vulnerable positions everyday. Our course helps you to develop safety protocols and plans. The first step is to deter criminals from choosing you and if something happens how can you defend yourself. This 3 hour course will cover understanding the criminal mind, office safety, open house, safety, Live training and more!



Protect your business, employees and yourself.  Work place violence can come from criminals, disgruntled employees or upset costumers. You can also be attacked online through many internet style crimes. Our I Spy Agents will come in to assess your current security and then give you ways to improve your security. We can also run drills with you and your staff so everyone knows what to do incase the day comes, when you need it.



If you were faced with criminal trying to rob you during an Open House what would you do? An untrained person will most likely freeze. The saying "The body will not go where the body hasn't been" is true. With Live Training we setup scenarios that will test your instincts and then give you tips on things to improve. 

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