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Pistol Classes

Intro to


This 2 hour course will teach you the Safe handling of Guns, an overview of the different types of guns, how to identify different types of ammunition and how to safely store guns and Ammo.  

NRA Basic


This 8 hour NRA certified course covers all aspects of guns, including safe handling, cleaning and storing.Additionally, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the practical application of all the principles learned through live fire exercise.

Pistol 2

With a core understanding of hand guns and safe handling, Pistol 2 moves you on to more advance techniques. Work on engaging targets while moving, drawing from a holster, optics, different firing positions and more. If you're looking to further your tactical hand gun training and focus on the proficiency of your skills, this is the class for you.



If you're looking to obtain your conceal carry license and fulfill the license requirements to Conceal Carry we have a class for you. Includes live range time. Click the link below to learn more about our Conceal Carry Classes.

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Home Defense

Learn techniques to Defend your home, from intruders and how to clear your home if someone is inside. 

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Self Defense

Work on techniques to defend and protect yourself from attackers.

2197 - Cellular Phone.png

A NRA course dedicated to tips and techniques to develop a personal protection plan.  

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I Spy Agents work with you to develop a Security plan for your Home, Work or place of Worship.

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