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The team at I Spy AK has spent many years in the Firearms and Self Defense industry. We take pride in knowing that when you leave one of our classes, you will have a better skill set to protect yourself.  We ourselves continue to grow and practice our techniques to make sure we are bringing the best product possible. Our diversity in training and lifestyles, allows us to field a class for many different individuals needs. Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment, that is safe and makes you want to continue your training in fire arms and self defense. 



Shawn Miller

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Karen Schell


Wade Schell

Founder & CEO

A long time student in martial arts and firearms, has allowed Shawn the understanding in training and teaching to be a proficient and excellent instructor.  With a coaching career extending over 20 years, Shawn strives to give you a positive learning experience for new and advanced shooters a like. He is also an NRA certified instructor. He has used his knowledge and training to develop courses for all skill levels. He founded this company to give people the tools necessary to be aware of their surroundings and to be able to defend themselves if the need was to arise. 

Designer Defense

Karen is a Florida Licensed to Carry NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.  Following a violent mugging in Miami while headed into work, Karen realized the importance in being proactive in one's own personal safety. She began training in martial arts learning to be aware of her surroundings and defend herself from physical attacks.  She came to realize that there are many women who have the same fears of firearms that she had which holds them back from training.  This prompted her to want to share her training and knowledge with others and assist them in moving past the fear by teaching proper gun handling, safety and the importance of awareness and defending one's own safety.

Lead Consultant

Wade is a security professional with 30 years of experience. He worked in a Maximum security prison in Florida for 10 years and was certified as Field Training Officer and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Fire Arms Instructor. He was riot squad and cell extraction team point man. Since 1998 Wade has been working overseas in the private security field. He has worked as personal security for diplomats and government officials as well as guard force manager / supervisor for large, international security companies. His geographical areas of work have included Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel. He has 20 plus years operating in very high threat environments. He has received extensive training and experience in the U. S. Department of State World Wide Protective Services courses which include tactical skills covering Medical, Driving, Search Procedures, Close Quarters Combat, Self Defense and Weapons handling. His firearms training and qualifications have included but are not limited to the Glock 19, M-4 Carbine, AK – 47, MP – 5, 12 Guage Shotgun, M – 249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and the M – 240B Machine Gun.

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