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With a burglary taking place every 13 seconds and over 2.4 million homes broken in each year, how does your home security repel and protect against burglary. Let our I Spy Agents evaluate your current security and give you tips and advice on how to better secure your home and not become a victim. We also offer live training scenarios to you and your family is better prepared the need arises. 



Office Crimes can come from Customers, employees and thievesOur Agents will come in and evaluate your current security and help you to come up with ways to improve. Crimes can be things like Cyber attacks, disgruntled employees, theft and armed robbery. Let us help you develop a plan for different scenarios. We also offer live scenario training to help your team be better prepared when needed.



With attacks on places of worship on the rise, having a plan to defend all members is vital. We can help you put together and train a security team. Also improve security in and around your place of worship and more.  We also offer scenario training so you and your security team will be prepared if need ever arises. 




Every Home and place of work should have a safe room. If an armed robber broke in would your friends, family and employees have a safe place to go? Would they have the secure room from the robbers with the supplies needed to survive. Contact our I Spy Agents today and we can help you create a Safe room in your home and office. We also offer scenario training so if the time arises you, your family and employees will be prepared and know what to do. 

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