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"It's better to Know and not Need, then to Need and not Know"
Private Lessons

Fire Arms

We offer one on one and small group classes for all types of firearms. Private lessons are geared towards whatever you would like to work on to improve your skills. 



Self Defense

Let our I Spy agents help you develop a personal protection plan.  Having trained a few defense techniques can make the difference between becoming a victim or a defender, 




Our Agents will evaluate your level of security at your Home, Office, Church or Business. From there we will help you develop a protection plan and protocols for different situations. 

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The Real Estate industry places Agents in vulnerable positions everyday. Our course helps you to develop safety protocols and plans. The first step is to deter criminals from choosing you and if something happens how can you defend yourself. This 3 hour course will cover understanding the criminal mind, office safety, open house, safety, Live training and more!

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